Make Gamers More Like Gamers

SGA eSPORTS is an esportainment company for all gamers who enjoy e-sports,
from amateur gamers to professional gamers to supporters.
We conduct projects worldwide to increase the value of gamers,
including e-sports gamer club business, league organization, education,
platform development and other services.



With the right professional mindset, the game impresses fans


SGA eSPORTS' Partners

  • 녹스 로고이미지 녹스 로고이미지
    Nox Gaming Gear

    Having the ability to directly design PC input devices and other peripheral devices, they are involved in R&D, sourcing, investment, and distribution in cooperation with companies in Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden and China. Based on this, it is a company that produces products suitable for consumer needs and presents advanced technologies.

  • 린백 로고이미지 린백 로고이미지

    Linbaek is a chair specialist that has been leading on/off market in Korea since its foundation. They pursue products with good cost performance, and they strictly select products that have good function or quality and have been verified to offer only the best price-to-price products in a wide lineup for each age and use from low-cost models to premium models.

  • 멀티캠퍼스 로고이미지 멀티캠퍼스 로고이미지

    Multicampus is a Samsung HR company that has grown into an education business for corporate employees. In addition, they are expanding their business into a knowledge service business based on foreign language evaluation and education services and knowledge platform to strengthen global competencies, establishing itself as a total HRD service company.


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