We operate a systematic global
e-sports academy
for everyone who challenges.

Based on online education without space and time constraints and practical offline education system,
realizing a self-directed education system through online and offline linkage,
education is conducted in the form of blended learning.

  • Progamer

    The pro gamer course is conducted in parallel
    with online customized education and offline education.

    We explore and analyze all the possibilities
    to become the best and present the best roadmap.

  • Hobby

    Even if you just want to play games well as a hobby,
    you can enjoy rapid improvement through education.

    Online and offline training is possible
    for all kind of games according to the desired goal.

  • Etc. education

    In addition to being a pro gamer, there are various curriculums
    including game develop, webtoons, emoticon creation and streamer courses.
    Challenge to become a pro gamer, the SGA also provides a roadmap for the future.
    You can also go on to undergraduate and graduate school.

Comming Soon

Business vision for the education division of SGAeSPORTS

Using accumulated data and know-how based on a deep understanding of education,
we aim to provide a 1:1 personalized blended learning AI education system service
for all categories worldwide.

We offer all our students the opportunity
to join a professional gamer club
and offer a variety of pathways
including academic and career opportunities.

  • Joinning a club

    We will open the way for you to join the club of your dreams.

  • Study

    Students develop their abilities through various educational courses such as game programming, game planning, and 3D graphics.

  • Employment

    A dedicated one-on-one recruitment team will help you connect with the desired company.

Our Partners

SGA eSPORTS prepares for your future.

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