Introducing the BI of SGA eSports.

NO.1 E-Sports Brand SGA eSPORTS

No.1 e-sports specialty brand expanding across the world

The BI of SGA eSPORTS is an expression of a vigorous march toward the world.

The hexagonal shape symbolizes the function of the e-sports industry as a platform to bring together distributed networks and the scalability of SGA eSPORTS, which extends to various businesses.
The red-point color also represents SGA eSPORTS's passion and determination for the future.

  • Symbol Mark

    We visualized a strong march toward the goal and emergence as the No.1 brand. The shape of a hexagon symbolizes network and scalability.

  • Logo Type

    It uses round and sharp sides to represent the changing and growing SGA, and expresses SGA's brand identity with red-point color.

  • Signature

    It is a combination of the symbol mark and logo type.

Background Color Regulation

In principle, the SGA eSPORTS logo should be used on a white background, but if used on a dark background, it can be used as follows for clear identification.

Brand Color Scheme

The BLACK of SGA eSPORTS represents the firmness based on SGA's reputation, and the RED represents the passion for everyone's dreams. The brand color scheme is used as an element to represent the brand identity of SGA eSPORTS. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the standard color below to deliver an effective brand image.


    C17 M93 Y83 K0
    R218 G45 B48


    C62 M53 Y49 K1
    R120 G120 B120


    C20 M0 Y0 K100
    R34 G34 B34

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