Media Contents

We are delivering dreams
and joy to the world
through our stories.

In a rapidly changing media environment,
we continue to provide content optimized for the digital environment,
with the top priority on adding the intrinsic value of the game
to every gamer's daily life.

  • eSports News

    We provide e-sports news
    with a balance of public confidence and expertise.

    Comprehensively provides information on eSports,
    progress status and results of various competition at home and abroad.

  • Review & Analysis

    We provide reviews and analysis on products and issues
    across the e-sports and game industries.

    It provides information on the status
    of newly added events and various events in service.

  • Production

    Based on our own broadcasting capabilities,
    we conduct league-format entertainment contents business.

    We produce various sponsorship videos and education related videos
    for the club and education sector.

Business vision for the broadcast division of SGAeSPORTS

Starting with the global service of e-sports news,
we aim to become a comprehensive game media channel that broadcasts various competitions,
as well as producing services from documentaries to entertainment that anyone in the world can relate to.

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