We invite talented people
to join us in the new leap forward in e-Sports.


"Making ideas come true is more wonderful than dreaming."
Excellent talent and passion sometimes allow us to do things that go beyond our imagination.
Now that you are making a new leap forward in the e-sports industry,
SGA eSPORTS will support you to unleash your talents and passion.

Ideal Talent for SGA eSPORTS

  • Passion


    Someone who makes the future come true through change and innovation with passion for e-sports and unwavering effort.

  • Expertise


    Someone with the highest level of expertise and a sense of ownership and responsibility to create better value for customers

  • Open Mind

    Open Mind

    Someone who communicates with the members with an open mind, respect each other and create a positive corporate culture through the synergy of trust and collaboration.

Welfare Benefits

  • Monthly awards for outstanding employees

    Monthly awards for outstanding employees

  • Overseas trip reward for outstanding employee

    Overseas trip reward for outstanding employee

  • Performance-based promotions and benefits

    Performance-based promotions and benefits

  • Educational book support

    Educational book support

  • Regular medical checkups

    Regular medical checkups

  • Self-improvement financial support

    Self-improvement financial support

  • Support during family events

    Support during family events

  • Holiday gifts

    Holiday gifts

  • No dress code

    No dress code

Job posting

  • NO
  • Title
  • Name
  • Date

Show your talent and passion with SGA eSPORTS.

Please submit a free-form resume and career description.

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