Company Value

We will become a reliable supporter in every gamer’s lives.



“We will continue to develop e-sports services
to provide what gamers around the world want.”

We thought there was a need for new education tailored to the new era,
so we created the first professional gamer education course.

With so many challenges, it has grown into a professional gamer academy
where the largest number of students gather in Korea,
and continues to challenge.

Now, we will enter the e-sports market
and become SGA eSPORTS for people all around the world.


“eSports of the past, and eSports of the future”

100 million global users play League of Legends (LOL) at least once a month.

E-Sports, which is growing rapidly, is building a new society
through various platforms based on the fourth industrial revolution.

At the center of the growing e-sports industry,
SGA eSPORTS will make a successful global leap forward
by discovering diverse networks and fostering talent.


“We will present the clearest roadmap
for the development of e-sports.”

To present a feasible vision
To lead in the right direction
To pursue the most ideal future

These are promises that SGA eSPORTS will continue to make.

SGA eSPORTS will continue to think and work
so that everyone can enjoy e-sports.

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