League Platform

Create a platform
for expressing yourself freely
and growing your dreams.

Starting with the regular amateur league of Battleground and KartRider
we are systematically expanding to various titles.
We are working on a business so that all gamers who have experienced the our platform can feel happy.

  • Platform

    We stably operates regular e-sports leagues of various events.

    We maximize the happiness of both play progress and results
    by attracting various related organizations and sponsorships.

  • Playground

    We build a space where anyone can enjoy games fairly without discrimination.

    Data is accumulated in the process of enjoying the game,
    and competitions that players can challenge are recommended.

  • Prospect

    Based on the detailed data,
    we select certain prospects and propose the optimal course.

    If you don't know the possibility or aren't sure,
    we help you be confident by proving your answers with data.

Business vision for the platform division of SGAeSPORTS

Based on the platform, we aim to provide global e-sports services
for people around the world, with all solutions
that can challenge from amateur to professional, regardless of region and age.

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