The players and the front are united
to create an eSports Culture for fans.

Based on the educational know-how that
has been systematically developed for many years,
we will seek new growth opportunities and become a global club
that will lead the e-sports industry
through innovation in the club model breaking the frame.

  • People

    With the happiness and concentration of the players as top priority,
    all fronts move as one.

    All SGAeSPORTS members listen to each other and work together
    to face all issues face to face.

  • Club

    Starting with Rainbow Six and Kart Rider,
    we will expand our sport and challenge towards LCK.

    We aim for the best club based on field experience
    and perform active upgrades rather than passive updates.

  • E-Sports Merchandising

    We build a unique system for only eSports
    on top of the existing eSports merchandising model.

    We create products where sensitivity and cost-effectiveness coexist
    who can become a regular customer of the club even if he use it only once.

Business vision for the club division of SGAeSPORTS

Based on the understanding and execution of the industry,
we aim to build a global e-sports center
that expands and operates a variety of clubs and oversees regional services for each sector.

Application for joining to SGAeSPORTS

Making gamers more like gamers!
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