Introducing our eSports experts for gamers.


  • Jin In YongClub Business Headquarters

  • Sung Si SungManagement Support Department

  • Kim Young BeeManagement Support Department

  • Kim Wan JeManagement Support Department

  • Lee Gyeong DongPlatform Business Headquarters

  • Lee Kyoung WonMedia Business Headquarters

  • Paek Da InMedia Business Headquarters

  • jeon in hyeokMedia Business Headquarters

  • Lee Ga HyeonAnnouncer

  • Kim Ji WonAnnouncer


  • League of Legends Coaches
    • Lee Yu HyunCoach

    • Um Sang HoonCoach

  • PlayerUnknown's
    Battlegrounds Coaches
    • Jeong Seon RyongCoach

    • Gi Young JaeCoach

    • Chae Dong SuCoach

    • Kim Ho HyeonCoach

  • Overwatch Coaches
    • Lee Mi RuCoach

    • Jeong Jin MyoungCoach

    • Kwon Yeong BeomCoach

    • Lee seok yongCoach

    • Park Tae JinCoach

  • FIFA Online Coaches
    • Kim Seung HwanCoach

Together with SGA eSPORTS, we invite passionate
people to share the new innovation of eSports.

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