Introducing our eSports experts for gamers.


  • Oh Min Sik


    “I've been fascinated by games, especially e-sports, since I was young.”

    It was possible for simple electronic entertainment to become
    an e-sports market because of more than 100 million players
    around the world from the old era who tried to reach for
    their dreams and the fans who supported them.
    However, there are still many challenges left to be solved in the eSports market.
    We are trying to make all the necessary things for all the gamers
    of E-Sports to dream and achieve that dream.
    We will become SGA eSPORTS who fulfill the dreams for many people who love eSports.


  • Jin In YongClub Business Headquarters

  • Jo Eun ByeulClub Manager

  • Sung Si SungManagement Support Department

  • Kim Young BeeManagement Support Department

  • Lee Gyeong DongPlatform Business Headquarters

  • Nam Jeong MinPlatform Business Headquarters

  • Nam Hoon HeePlatform Business Headquarters

  • Lee Kyoung WonMedia Business Headquarters

  • Park Sung JunMedia Business Headquarters

  • Paek Da InMedia Business Headquarters

  • Park Yoon JungMedia Business Headquarters

  • Lee Ga HyeonAnnouncer

  • Kim Ji WonAnnouncer


  • League of Legends Coaches
    • Kim Du IkCoach

    • Son Jang Won Coach

    • Yoon Jong WonCoach

    • Lee Yu HyunCoach

    • Yoon Bo YeongCoach

    • Um Sang HoonCoach

  • PlayerUnknown's
    Battlegrounds Coaches
    • Gi Young JaeCoach

    • Jeong Seon RyongCoach

    • Kim Young JunCoach

    • Kim Ho HyeonCoach

    • Min Yong KiCoach

    • Song Kang hyunCoach

    • Lee Seung Woo Coach

    • Chae Dong SuCoach

    • Jo Won WooCoach

  • Overwatch Coaches
    • Jeong Jin MyoungCoach

    • Kang Tae KyuCoach

    • Kwon Yeong BeomCoach

    • Baek Su HyeonCoach

    • Lee Mi RuCoach

    • Lee seok yongCoach

    • Hwang Chan HeeCoach

    • Park Tae JinCoach

  • FIFA Online Coaches
    • Kim Seung HwanCoach

  • Apex Legends Coaches
    • Jang Dong GiCoach

Together with SGA eSPORTS, we invite passionate
people to share the new innovation of eSports.

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